My old Capri - 3.5 V8 - Fibresports X-Pack
  This is my old X-Pack Capri - inspired by an article in a 1994 edition of Fast Ford called '3 Fat Fords', hence the number plate. Wheels were 15 x 8 front and 15 x 10 rear with 225 and 265 wide 50 profile tyres. Mk1 3 litre axle was used to keep it all inside the arches! Sadly, rust got the better of this car and a new shell was bought to use the existing Rover V8 power. The rest, as they say, is history!
The new FAT Capri - Supercharged 3.9 V8 - Custom Fabricated XXX-Pack

With the new shell bought, I
fabricated even wider all-steel
arches so that I could
use a standard
width rear axle
and have some
much needed
clearance on
those rear
tyres! Enjoy the

Welcome to everyone visiting this website - created for a bit of fun to let other Capri enthusiasts know it's not just them stuck outside in the freezing cold, covered in cuts, burns, rust and oil just trying to make a bit of progress on their car! Or is that just me?

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All steel wings have been fabricated - no fibreglass! Supercharged 3.9 litre V8 was an impulse buy! The car starts to take shape once it's been primed.
A site dedicated to preparation of a XXX-Pack shell for FAT 744T - The Fat Capri! With its supercharged Rover V8 engine, this hand built custom car is the work of Bob Petrie.