Click the number plate on the right to enter the site & I hope you enjoy looking at my car. I'll say it again (as I still get asked) >>It's not a kit, it's not made of fibreglass... it's all hand-made and all done in steel<< Every step of the build is shown in the site - just click here or the numberplate on the right to get started.

An exciting start to November - my car made it to the front cover of Capri Club International magazine!! Plus there's a four page write-up on my car inside. I'm absolutely delighted :-)

April 2010 update: The Fat Capri is nearly ready to get back on the road! Spring is definitely here, so thoughts are turning to getting it taxed and back on the streets of Hertfordshire!

The shot on the right was taken from Cliff's VW camper as I was heading towards Oxford on the M40.

Bob - November 2009

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A site dedicated to preparation of a XXX-Pack shell for FAT 744T - The Fat Capri! With its 3.9 litre Rover V8 engine, this hand built custom car is the work of Bob Petrie. You can see step-by-step how the car changed from a humble 2 litre Capri Laser was transformed into the V8 powered, all-steel Fat Capri by clicking on the numberplate above.